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Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions

Offer the best and innovative customer service while cutting costs

Be there for your customers, no matter the medium

Recent technological advances such as smartphones have made it much easier to communicate conveniently at any time, but they also present challenges to companies that are trying to offer the best customer service available. Consumers are increasingly expectant of companies to be “always available” and ready to serve. Legacy communication systems and companies hesitant to develop new vendor strategies fail to meet the expectations of scrupulous consumers. This is where Novasors comes in.

We are a full-service contact center based in a 47,000 square foot facility Kansas with over 550 qualified customer service agents and we handle over 1.6 million phone calls a month. Our live chat service cuts down on the time it takes to handle customer inquiries. Our e-mail service provides clarity and detailed instructions that can often present challenges in phone conversations. There are just some things in life that demand quick answers and while other companies struggle to deliver timely service, you can be ahead of the game by utilizing our multi-channel contact center services.

Discover the benefits of live chat

Live chat capabilities lower the cost of doing business, plain and simple. For situations when calling a company isn’t convenient for the consumer and they don’t have time to wait for an e-mail response, live chat offers unparalleled convenience. It is proven that customer service agents will spend less time on a live chat inquiry than phone call or e-mail support. It offers immediate information and is the most convenient option for those who embrace technology. The higher the number of interactions with customers, the lower the cost per interaction. Additionally, our customer service agents can handle multiple live chats at once, while a phone call requires their full attention, one inquiry at a time which reduces efficiency. When the customer has a common question, our agents are able to provide the script quickly and accurately, providing a timely answer to the problem.

  • Live chat affords quick and accurate assistance
  • Electronic communication reduces costs and allows agents to multitask, boosting efficiency
  • Frequently asked questions are addressed using a clear, easy-to-follow script

This method of service takes knowledge and skill to effectively implement, so we recommend discussing your goals with Novasors. We have many years of experience in the business and we invest a lot into new technologies as they are introduced. We offer superior training to our valued agents which translates into a better experience for your consumers.

Embrace the benefits of multi-channel customer service

We make it easy to implement e-mail support and live chat alongside traditional call center and telemarketing services. We are one organization with many capabilities. As a domestic company, you can rest assured that your clients will receive clear and concise information from a trusted leader in the industry. Outsourcing your communication needs to Novasors is simple. Call us at (855) 234-6222 or contact us and we will be happy to discuss they ways in which we can enhance your customer service approach. It is truly a cost-effective way to deliver the best service, no matter the medium.

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