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Meet the people behind Novasors

Bart Miller

Bart N. Miller, CEO/Owner

You would think a CEO whose company is considered a technology leader in their industry wouldn’t still rely on a 1980’s era record player to listen to music in his office. Bart Miller not only still rocks with vinyl but has the expansive record collection that would impress any audiophile.

Bart Miller appreciates the past but never stops looking toward the future.

So in 2005, when Bart saw a gap in the market for call center services specifically serving the short-term loan market, he didn’t pause for a moment and launched Centrinex. Never looking back, Novasors/Centrinex has grown to over 350 employees and is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

Bart believed that preserving the best of past call center practices and combining them with new technologies and new ways of doing business would propel Novasors/Centrinex forward – as an innovator and thought leader. Bart was right.
Today Novasors/Centrinex is at the cutting edge of the call center industry, not just in technology but also in data capture, analysis, conversion improvement, processes and people management. To keep Novasors/Centrinex in its leading role Bart must get intimately involved all aspects of the business. Ultimately, client lenders trust that Bart and Novasors/Centrinex will help them improve their bottom line by increasing conversion rates, lowering acquisition costs and ultimately help improve their portfolios.

An east coast transplant, Bart was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009. Bart also serves on the Board of Directors for the Online Lenders Alliance, is on the Executive Committee, and is their Treasurer.

Today, this married father of four spends his free time coaching his kids’ sports teams and plays on his own baseball team. With a strong sense of family and giving to others in need, Bart and his family are closely woven into the fabric of their community.

In his idle time… idle time? Do you really think Bart has idle time?

Jim Christiansen

Jim Christiansen, President and CFO

As the President and Chief Financial Officer at Novasors/Centrinex, Jim Christiansen certainly has his hands full. Here, he oversees the operations of the company, working in all aspects from human resources and training to quality assurance and information technology. His responsibilities include hiring, firing, benefits, training new employees, conducting QA audits for correct processes and procedures on a monthly basis, coaching, strategic planning and more. And that’s just in his presidential shoes.

Under the CFO umbrella, he is responsible for all the finance, accounting, payroll and receivables for the company. Plus, he takes care of the forecasting and cash flow to ensure there’s money to expand and to keep Novasors/Centrinex aligned with its projections.

Christiansen worked in accounting and finance for the telecom business for most of his career, including 25 years with telecom giant Sprint Nextel. He learned a lot in the large corporate space, moving around to different groups, experiencing different corporate cultures, and dealing with growth, decline, spinoffs and ever-changing technology. It’s this vast experience that prepared him for these dual roles at a much smaller company.

This Huskers fan got his degree in accounting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and obtained his CPA.

Rudy Waldner

Rudolf J. Waldner, COO

As a start-up, brick-and-mortar business kind of guy, it only made sense for Rudy Waldner to join Novasors/Centrinex as COO. Here, he coordinates the sales floor, develops the people, drives the numbers, and basically does anything it takes to make a business hum.

Because Novasors/Centrinex is in a constant growth phase, Waldner gets to deal with something new every day. Whether it’s starting up a new customer, product or enhancement, there’s always a new experience for him to thrive on.

Originally from the east coast, Waldner’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Advertising from The City University of New York’s Baruch College and a Master’s in Management from Long Island University’s C.W. Post College.

Previously, Waldner consulted with Blockbuster in Germany, started a marketing department and served as Regional Director of Operations for Advance America, and served as VP of Operations for CLA – where he ran a product in 28 states for six years and opened up a collections call center.

And somehow he found time to write a book titled “Marketing from the Trenches”. The whole premise of the book is how to start a company, market it, and get it moving from the ground up. And it’s exactly what got him to Kansas City. Bart Miller read the book and invited him to run the business.

When Waldner isn’t working on training, improving performance and working on incentives for Novasors/Centrinex, he can be found teaching his marketing program at UMKC, JCCC and K-State, out playing soccer, or traveling the world.

Doug Steele

Doug Steele, Human Resource Director

As the Human Resource Director, Doug Steele knows that our number one resource is the employee that makes it all happen. Through initiatives and best HR practices, Doug strives to not only find the right employees, but help them see the importance of their role to the company. Doug’s motto is that Novasors/Centrinex is “more than just a paycheck.”

Doug joined the Centrinex team in 2011 as the Human Resources Assistant. Over the years, Doug’s career path has lead him from HR Assistant to HR Generalist, to HR Manager, and now HR Director. As Director of Human Resources for Novasors/Centrinex, Doug oversees a team that seamlessly works together to provide Human Resource services and support. Doug is directly responsible for staffing, benefits, employee retention, training, workers compensation, and HR law & compliance. Through his career path, Doug has over 30 years of practical HR experience and knows how important employee relations and organizational development is to the success of a company.

Doug is a Native Nebraskan (Go Big Red) and holds a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State College. Over the years he continues to keep education as part of his career path and has completed certifications in HR employment law, hiring fundamentals, and SPHR certification to mention a few. Doug holds a member ship with the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI).

Doug’s family and friends are important to him and he spends as much time with them as possible. “My children are my joy!” His other interests range from outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, to spending time in the kitchen; to singing in his church choir.

Dean Giuffrida

Dean Giuffrida, IT Director

Most people have an idea what the typical IT guy acts like but Dean consistently surprises people with his warm, friendly demeanor who goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable when they ask for help. He understands that IT is not for everyone and it’s better to lend a hand than point a finger. He is ultimately responsible for all things IT related and focuses on leading the IT department into the solutions that our clients depend on for cutting edge business technology. Novasors/Centrinex is ready to handle any kind of Contact Center challenge and Dean is a big part of that readiness.

Dean has 18 years of real world experience in IT with degrees in Data Communications and Networking. There are never ending, changing requirements that are custom built to each individual client’s needs and at times it requires research of a new system or technology. The acquisition and deployment of that system is a process in and of itself and Dean prides himself on smooth, efficient rollouts to minimize business impact. He is always researching the latest tech so that he can continue to offer the best of what’s out there today.

Lastly, in his off time he is an accomplished rock musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has released CD’s of his own original music. He has performed and continues to perform in venues all around the country. Check him out on You Tube under the stage name Dean Christopher.

Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas, Telecom Manager

Jay Thomas’ career in telecommunications has spanned over three decades and covers Design, Implementation, Installation, Service and Managing of telephony and data networks.

Having been certified on over twenty different manufacturer’s equipment and multiple Industry certifications over the years has taught him that the one consistent thing in life and business is change.

Within call centers you have to have the ability to adapt and overcome the challenges and obstacles to meet the client’s needs and keep our services operating on the leading edge.

When Jay is not working he enjoys spending his free time with his wife watching and supporting their grandkids many activities. As well as hunting, fishing and playing in the Kansas City Metro Senior Softball leagues.

Eric Agrelius

Eric Agrelius, Senior Vice President of Sales

When I was a kid, I was always selling: subscriptions for the daily newspaper; recycling coke bottles (yes, way back when you could get 5 cents for every bottle redeemed at the local grocery store); selling a sports performance supplement while in high school; “selling” the U.S. Navy as a recruiter; brokering toys, school & office supplies, party goods and sports gear to the mass market trade (Target, Toys R Us, Costco, Walmart etc…); and eventually ended up selling consumer credit risk assessment solutions to the specialty finance sector during my ten years at DataX/Equifax. In 2021, when I finally grew up, I joined the Centrinex team selling the nation’s best call center management solutions.

I enjoy the martial arts (especially shaolin-kempo) and hiking/climbing in Red Rock Canyon – Las Vegas, NV with my hiking buddy ‘Baylee’ (Golden Retriever).

You may have seen my performance as “The Stache” on the ABC TV hit series “WIPEOUT”. I was the oldest contestant to win the Wipeout Zone at age 54… a record that still holds today. My favorite time of year is the Holiday Season, spending time with my wife Lisa, our (adult) children and our eight grandchildren. I am a proud Vietnam-era veteran, having served in the U.S. Navy for eight years.

Robin Wesolowski

Robin Wesolowski, New Business Manager

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and moved to the Kansas area in 2008. I started with Centrinex in June of 2010 when the company I was with outsourced to Centrinex. From 1996 to 2010 prior to coming to Centrinex, I worked sales and collections (consumer and business to business) while running contact centers for multiple companies. During my tenure with Centrinex, I have continued in those roles.

The last book I read was: Dwight D. Eisenhower’s biography. My “sing along really loud in the car” song is: “Alive” by Pearl Jam. When not working, I’m happiest: Watching or attending sporting events; amateur or professional. When I retire, you’ll find me: In Kenya, learning how to be a farmer. You’d be surprised that I: Cry at movies. A charitable cause I care most about is: Stand Up to Cancer. If I could have a superpower, I’d choose: Telekinesis. One thing I’ve done that I’m most proud of is: Adopting children. A life hack I’m surprised most people don’t know is: Run it like your own. The person who inspires me most is: My wife. My favorite family tradition is: Thanksgiving dinner. Someone should make an app for: Historical date trivia. Education/Credentials: 24 years experience in sales, collections, and contact center services.

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