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Financial call center solutions for large and small institutions

When it comes to financial call center strategies, Novasors stands out as an industry leader. We understand this particular industry is highly competitive and quality customer service is crucial. This is why we have developed a strategy that is consumer-focused. We hire the best agents and give them continuous training to ensure they remain leaders in the marketplace. We can help you gain new customers and clients while maintaining the loyal ones you have by resolving calls quickly and effectively. Our goal is to handle each inquiry with great care while remaining efficient and quick. We can help you lower costs without sacrificing customer care by developing a custom plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Our in-depth reports will keep you up to speed on performance and our agents are fully committed to offering the best service.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when partnering with Novasors:

  • Quick call resolution from highly-trained agents
  • A streamlined financial call center approach that saves time and money
  • Multi-channel solutions that cater to a wide demographic
  • Visibility through in-depth reporting of key performance indicators (KPI)

Exceeding the consumers’ expectations

We aim to help financial institutions of any size provide customers the best service possible. Our highly-trained team comprised of over 550 agents can help your customers better manage their finances while providing information on timely and relevant offers that will expand your business. Each agent has the industry knowledge necessary to efficiently handle inquiries and escalate the issue if they don’t have the answer in order to reach the best outcome for the consumer. This kind of attention ensures your clients will maintain a positive view of your institution.

In addition to our agents, we pride ourselves on our innovative and expansive infrastructure technologies that include a 47,000 square foot contact center based in Kansas complete with cutting-edge multichannel contact modes, IVR and interactive capabilities. This allows us to offer accurate service in many different forms, which is something few call center facilities can claim. Our commitment to excellent service will help retain customers while growing your business in key markets with our outbound calling services. We handle over 1.6 million phone calls a month and we strive to offer each customer the highest level of service possible. Our company aims to correct a lot of what is wrong with telemarketing: long hold times, rude or inattentive agents and communication barriers due to call center location.

Contact us today to get started

If you are looking to provide your financial clients the best service available and want to discuss future growth opportunities and customer care strategies, please contact us today at (855) 234-6222. We work hard to ensure each one of our clients receives industry-leading service from a reputable name in the call center business. Outsourcing your customer service is one of the easiest and most beneficial decisions you can make! No matter your size, we are here for you.

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