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When it comes to insurance, consumers have plenty of options these days. The problem is, most companies fail to market the products effectively in order to close sales and gain policyholders for life. Novasors is committed to helping you sell the right insurance product to each customer by using industry best practices developed over decades. Our insurance call center is comprised of a domestic staff based in Kansas so you can rest assured your clients will receive the best service.

We offer unparalleled levels of customer service based on our rigorous training programs and performance incentives. We understand it isn’t just about gaining leads, it is about building relationships based on trust. Our full array of licensed and non-licensed agent outsourcing services will provide the best services for each and every prospective policyholder. We can help acquire new customers, build deeper relationships with current policyholders through strategic cross-selling or up-selling methods or work hard to retain and win over hesitant clients. From calls dealing with claims or policy payment issues, our strategic approach is what you need to achieve rapid call resolution and maintain a positive image. We strive to offer greater results in less time than the competition to offer the ultimate value and cost savings.

When someone is comparing life insurance plans or wants a better understanding of deductibles and copays, it is important that his or her questions are answered in a timely manner. In addition to offering quality service to consumers, we work closely with companies and providers to constantly improve our product knowledge and sales techniques. We are a preferred outsourced sales and telemarketing company and work with many large, reputable companies to deliver the best service. This complex industry is constantly evolving and there are plenty of growth opportunities for companies that are willing to use innovative measures to reach consumers and stand out amongst the rest. Outsourcing your insurance call center responsibilities to a reputable, domestic company such as Novasors is the first step to enjoying growth within the marketplace.

Novasors recruits knowledgeable agents and provides excellent on-going training in our 47,000 square foot Lenexa, Kansas facility. We handle over 1.6 million calls each month, so you can rest assured we know what we’re doing. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your industry best practices are being implemented. We provide in-depth performance reports and metrics so you can track success and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly. Spend less time trying to sell your product and rely on us to help! Think of Novasors as an extension of your inside sales team.

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If you are ready to get started, we hope you’ll call us today at (855) 234.6222 to discuss different options, plans and pricing tiers. We use a simple approach to effectively communicate product offerings and services. This holistic approach will encourage a lower cost per call figure while increasing ROI. We’ll work hard to grow your business!

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