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Customer Service in the Mobile Landscape

As mobile technology advances, customers interact with companies in new and sometimes unexpected ways. Is your customer service strategy prepared to address mobile customers? Learn how innovative solutions can give your customer service a boost in the mobile landscape.

Why You Need to Go Mobile

Only a few short years ago, smart devices were new to the market and didn’t yet drive consumer behaviors. At that point, creating specialized solutions for mobile consumers was optional. Today, however, two-thirds of American adults have a smartphone, nearly half have a tablet, and almost all have a cell phone. Now it’s necessary for companies to approach customer service with a mobile focus. To address this market shift, you can look to a number of solutions.

Email Support

In this burgeoning landscape, smartphones offer endless possibilities for connecting. Mobile users spend an impressive 86 percent of time on their mobile devices interacting with apps, which means phone support isn’t always the best option for your company. Since many users choose emailing and chatting over talking on their phones, email support is becoming a preferred customer service solution. When you choose email support from Novasors, you can rest assured that your customers receive timely and effective responses.

Live Chat

Constantly on the move, mobile users don’t always want to wait for responses to email inquiries. When consumers need immediate answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, consider live chat support. From IT support to help desk services to order fulfillment issues, you have a range of live chat options. Since live chat services allow agents to multitask and provide quick answers, this is also a cost-effective solution for most businesses.

E-commerce Assistance

E-commerce is a booming industry for retailers and wholesalers who have embraced mobile technology, but it introduces several customer service problems that many companies aren’t prepared to handle. To address these issues, Novasors offers a combination of order fulfillment services, e-commerce solutions, and customer service options. Without the burden of managing customer satisfaction, clients can instead focus on marketing, sales, and growing their domestic and international customer bases.

After Hours Service

As companies grow, so do their client groups and their specific needs. For many, offering support or sales assistance on the standard 9 a.m.-5 p.m. schedule is no longer enough. Instead, businesses with global customer bases or clients who are connected around the clock must offer flexible support hours. With its after hours and weekend call services, Novasors’ experienced representatives are available whether it’s morning, night, or the weekend.

Industry Specific Solutions

Today’s consumers expect personalized solutions. Canned responses and generic answers no longer meet the demands of the evolving mobile landscape. Thanks to diverse expertise, Novasors can offer industry-specific support in a number of areas, including health care, the automotive industry, federal and local government agencies, financial services, and the travel industry. With this level of customized service, you’ll never have to worry about consumer satisfaction.

Metrics and In-Depth Analytics

You can’t properly assess the success of your customer service approach without the numbers to back it up. Small or large, your business can rely on Novasors’ customized reports to detail a variety of critical metrics. Keep on top of your customers’ satisfaction in the quickly changing mobile world with analytics that track service level, average handle time, and more.

Customer service options may be changing quickly, but it’s as important as ever to keep your satisfaction levels up. Contact Novasors to learn more about how one or a combination of these solutions can help your business stay ahead in the mobile landscape.

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