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After Hours and Weekend Call Services

Be there for your customers whenever they need to reach you

Be there for your customers at all times

Although your business may close at 5pm, chances are you will have customers that want to reach you at their convenience, not yours. An after hours call center gives you the ability to communicate with the most important aspect of your business (your clients) at all times! Any company that could receive an urgent after-hours call should consider partnering with an after hours telemarketing call center to ensure the best service at any hour.

Novasors live agents can communicate your specific instructions or offer detailed information to help you satisfy your customers when you aren’t available to handle inquiries. We work hard to ensure you will never miss an important phone call. We’ll begin by establishing a plan that fits your budget at will offer the best service. All Novasors agents operate out of our 47,000 square foot Lenexa, Kansas facility so your customers will enjoy the best domestic service whenever they call. Why subject your valued clients to an automated service or overseas company when you could offer them friendly, reliable support that is cost effective and smart. Here are some of the reasons companies use Novasors for their after hours telemarketing needs:

  • You’ll never miss another phone call
  • Reduce abandonment rates and frustrated clients
  • Grow your business and protect your reputation
  • Interactions with live, domestic agents

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come from partnering with Novasors. We handle over 1.6 million phone calls each month but we are small enough to recognize that each caller counts. We’ll never deviate from our mission of offering the best service to your audience. Our agents undergo extensive training on a regular basis to ensure they remain the best in the business. Instead of hiring a receptionist or on-site staff to handle these inquires, you can rely on Novasors to get the job done for a lot less without compromising on service. In the digital age, it is crucial to be able to offer your services around the clock and on weekends to ensure no sales slip through the cracks.

If you aren’t around to accommodate an individual, they will almost certainly being to look elsewhere as there are plenty of options in this highly competitive marketplace. Nobody wants to be put on hold or get an answering machine, so why risk lost revenue and customer satisfaction? An answering machine can’t up-sell, cross-sell or sell in general! This is why you need a market leader on your side to help you run your business after hours and on weekends. We are confident you will find our services to be invaluable when it comes to all things telemarketing.

Ready to get started?

We would love the chance to discuss all of the services we can offer your organization. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (855) 234-6222 or contact us. We are confident you will find us to be the trusted leader you need to handle your calls when you can’t get to them yourself.

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