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What Makes a Great Call Center?

Call centers can present an ideal solution for many businesses by solving customer service problems, bringing on experienced professionals, and taking the pressure off in-house staff. But what makes one more than just good? Look for these six qualities that make a call center great.

Language Proficiency

As a customer, nothing is more frustrating than contacting a company with a question, problem, or order and not being able to communicate with the customer service representative. For a business owner, nothing is more frustrating than losing that customer.

Great call centers employ agents who are fluent in English and any other language that’s relevant to your business. The ability to communicate with callers is important, but great agents should be capable of going the extra mile by responding to tones of voice and adequately addressing customer concerns.

Focus on Building Relationships

Many companies train their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to follow scripts and respond to concerns in a formulaic manner. This may get the job done, but it won’t necessarily drive additional sales or turn consumers into lifelong fans.

Great call centers guide their CSRs through small talk and conversational skills, making everyday chitchat appear effortless. This may seem minor, but it’s a win for your business when a friendly agent can smooth over problematic issues and drive new conversions. Agents with these skills can build relationships with customers, which will continue to benefit your business.

Integrated Systems

Some facilities rely on proprietary technology or software when tracking call data and storing customer information. This may work well for the company’s purposes, but it might not mesh at all with the applications that your business uses.

Great call centers use cloud-based applications that work seamlessly with clients’ software. This makes managing customer relationships, sharing leads, and migrating customer data easy. Relying on integrated systems also eliminates the chance of losing data or risking a long delay in information transfer.

Motivated Employees

Focusing on the same small set of tasks every day can bore any employee, regardless of his or her field. Facilities that don’t provide team members with variety in their daily tasks or incentives to improve often have lackluster employees.

Superior organizations challenge and motivate their employees, continually encouraging them to work hard and stay satisfied. Some even track agent performance and other metrics in real time, prompting employees to improve quickly to meet goals.

Top-Notch Agents

Some don’t encourage agents to take their roles as customer service representatives seriously. They may be able to perform at a satisfactory level, but these employees can’t answer product questions quickly or show familiarity with the services that your business offers.

Great call centers work hard to turn great employees into top-notch agents. These companies encourage agents to demonstrate product knowledge, show attention to detail, and maintain a high level of organization. These top-notch employees are the ideal representatives for your business.

Similar Goals

If management doesn’t create goals for their agents or they don’t measure success the way you do, working together could be difficult. It can be impossible to track metrics or understand your customer service results if you’re not looking at the numbers in the same way.

Superior organizations customize their goal setting process so that it’s aligned with yours. When your company is on the same page with your call center, you’ll know exactly how outsourcing your customer service is driving business and paying off.

Don’t waste your time with a company that’s just on par. Pursue a trusted partner that can help your business exceed its goals and excel.

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