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Technical Support

When your customers are dealing with technical issues, let us answer the call

Give your customers the technical support they need

As technology evolves, consumers demand fast service and resolutions. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver immediate help through our call center and contact center services that include e-mail support and live chat capabilities. Most technical inquires are basic in nature, but the customer demands clear and concise instruction in order to solve the problem. We train our customer service agents to provide the best service in a timely and efficient manner. When your customers need technical assistance, you need a call center that is available to help. Our after hours and weekend services will ensure all inquiries are taken care of promptly.

Outsourced tech support doesn’t have to be complicated. We have the knowledge necessary to provide a seamless experience for your valued customers. We feature over 550 qualified call center agents and a 47,000 square foot facility based in Lenexa, Kansas. Furthermore, we handle over 1.6 million calls a month in addition to our live chat and e-mail help. We aim to be a domestic call center that is an extension of your inside sales and support team.

Solving issues at first contact

Our agents work hard to address all technical issues during the first contact. Our technology specialists and management team work hard to represent your organization in the best way possible and provide the best service around. Here are a few of the ways we can help you:

  • Extensive backup systems and procedures in place to ensure there is no downtime
  • Exhaustive quality control measures implemented by management and team leaders to promote quality service
  • After hours and weekend help for enhanced customer service
  • Each agent is given industry-specific training in order to provide higher quality assistance

As you can see, we have the experience necessary to help you offer your clients the best assistance. In this highly competitive digital age, customers have little patience when it comes to delays or lackluster help. We are fully committed to helping you stand out among your competitors. We can help you reduce overhead, improve overall efficiency and provide the latest advance solutions for your customers when you outsource to Novasors.

Having a technical support team in-house can be expensive and take a lot of effort to maintain. You will be able to easily track results with our in-depth reports that detail progress and highlight areas that can be improved. You will have everything you need to make decisions for the future when you partner with us. Our agents can offer Tier 1 (collecting basic customer information) and Tier 2 (more in-depth technical support) assistance to ensure every inquiry is handled correctly the first time.

Let’s work together to enhance your technical support

Ready to get started? Call us at (855) 234-6222 or contact us to discuss different business options. We are confident that you will find our complete lineup of call center and contact center solutions to be user-friendly and affordable. We are devoted to giving your customers the technical support they need.

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