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Order fulfillment and eCommerce is comprised of much more than a website, warehouses and trucks. Customer service is a crucial component that can often be overlooked. In a recent poll, only 26% of consumers offered a positive response to the question, “do you believe customer service centers provide great support?” Forty-nine percent of respondents were unsatisfied with the support they have received in the past.

Partnering with a contact center leader such as Novasors can help any business or online retailer succeed in the marketplace by offering the customer a better experience. The people who purchase goods and services from you will remember how they are treated. While e-mail and live chat offer vital service opportunities, 80% of consumers say they prefer speaking to an agent over the phone to address their concerns. This is why it is very important to have a competent team ready to work hard for you and your business. We’ll never cut corners when it comes to providing the assistance needed to drive sales.

We are committed to being there for them at all times by providing the best call service, e-mail support and live chat solutions. Outsourcing your customer service support to Novasors means you can spend more time marketing your services and driving sales while we take care of the clients. We are committed to offering the best services while remaining affordable and accessible. Our agents are continually trained to ensure they offer the best service when taking orders or remedying a situation. We can also drive sales by up-selling and cross-selling during the order process.

Here are some of the ways we can assist you:

  • Contact center assistance
  • Merchant account services
  • eCommerce and order fulfillment assistance
  • Help desk services including e-mail support and live chat

Novasors can also handle your outbound calling, telemarketing services, lead generation, appointment setting and so much more!

How Novasors is different

When you outsource your eCommerce consumer operations to Novasors, you are partnering with an industry leader. We have over 550 dedicated agents ready to assist your customers. We are based out of Lenexa, Kansas in a 47,000 square foot facility that has extensive backup systems in place to ensure there is no downtime when it comes to your order fulfillment. We handle over 1.6 million phone calls each month so you can rest assured that we have a handle on contact center operations and implementation. We are continually investing in new technology to offer the best solutions to companies in various industries. From retail to warehouses, we’ve got you covered.

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Call us today at (855) 234-6222 to learn more about the ways in which we can help you and your business. Our commitment to quality service while embracing technology is sure to help you drive sales and experience growth. We are committed to adding value to the customer relationship as well as your company profits and look forward to hearing from you!

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