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Communications solutions for federal and local government agencies

When it comes to providing high quality services to the public, federal and local government agencies are under a lot of pressure to perform. One of the areas most heavily scrutinized by the public is communication. Budget cuts and new regulations can make it difficult to interact with the public in an effective, meaningful way. Many citizens are able to take care of their affairs using proprietary self-service automated systems, but what about the ones who need assistance?

Novasors is a leader in the communications industry, specializing in outsourced call center and contact center services. We have prior experience working with the government and proudly feature over 500 qualified customer service representatives that offer outstanding service. Through phone, e-mail and all other common channels, we are skilled in helping agencies of various sizes communicate with constituents using their preferred channel. We are experts at handling inbound and outbound calls, catering to the specific needs of callers. Departments and agencies can benefit by outsourcing administrative tasks to us.

Our skilled team will work hard to increase completion rates while minimizing the chances that a citizen will abandon the inquiry or restart the interaction on an alternate channel. This approach cuts costs and boosts efficiency, as well as public perception. Government call centers should provide superior service, which is what we strive to accomplish on a daily basis. Operational efficiency is essential as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. Administrative costs are kept to a minimum when you outsource your communication responsibilities to a trusted company such as ours.

Unsurpassed value and performance

We are committed to streamlining your interactions, improving compliance and cutting down on administrative errors that bog down the system. Whichever channel the citizen chooses, we can confidently handle it. We are based in Lenexa, Kansas and handle over 1.6 million inquiries a month. We are well-versed in many different industries which makes outsourcing your customer service duties to a domestic leader such as Novasors a very smart decision. All of our CSRs offer clear, concise assistance in a friendly and intelligent manner.

Furthermore, we provide regular performance updates that feature all of the data you need to make decisions going forward. You will have a better grasp of the reason for the inquiry and can apply knowledge and industry best practices in order to exceed expectations and enhance the perception of your organization.

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We are committed to addressing each one of your unique needs and are here to discuss ways in which we can help you when you outsource your contact center duties to Novasors. Feel free to contact us using our online form or call (855) 234-6222.

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