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Outbound Call Services

Think of us as an extension of your inside sales team

Put your trust in a results-driven leader

When it comes to an outbound call center, you need to be confident that the agents making the calls on your behalf represent your organization well. From standard telemarketing to sales calls, surveys or fundraising, it takes a special call center to deliver quality customer service in a cost-effective manner.

With this type of service, metrics such as cost per call and earned revenue come into the forefront. Efficient service is a product of adequate training, which is something we at Novasors pride ourselves in offering. Think of us as your business partner or an extension of your inside sales teams as we bring the talent needed to grow your business and satisfy your most discriminating customers. We recruit highly qualified individuals and provide extensive training to ensure they are delivering unparalleled service to each customer. We have established accountability standards and provide an environment that encourages our call center team to deliver the best results. We work hard to understand your business in order to offer the best information about your products and services to the consumer.

Our team works hard for you

Nobody ever claimed this type of service is easy to provide. In order to offer effective outbound call center services, we spend a significant amount of time training our team to be able to assess the customer’s needs while looking for opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell when applicable. Our domestic staff is comprised of clear and effective communicators who have years of experience when it comes to sales and marketing. This all translates into better results at an affordable price. Novasors will work closely with you to develop and manage an effective campaign that will achieve results.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Fully customizable scripting and prompts
  • Multilingual/bilingual support
  • Effective up-sell/cross-sell strategies
  • Proactive customer support to keep your consumer base informed
  • Service renewals and retention

We are confident you will find our friendly agents to be better trained, efficiently supervised and committed to helping you grow your business while protecting your reputation. If you are ready to get started, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how Novasors can help you. Call us today at (855) 234-6222 or contact us directly online for more information on the different ways we can work together to enhance your customer communication strategy and help you grow your business through effective outbound calling initiatives.

In this competitive marketplace, you need an industry leader on your side in order to help you distinguish yourself from the rest. Our company has helped many well-known companies and corporations attain their marketing goals with the use of our highly regarded services. Our technological solutions combined with our commitment to quality service provides value that is unmatched. You will save money and see your business grow when partnering with us, your domestic solution. Nobody works harder for you.

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