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Your full service call center, based in Kansas City

With all of the call centers out there that tout technology as their number one differentiator, our goals and objectives are slightly different.

What good is technology if it is not useful to how you do business? And who knows your business better than you?

So what we at Novasors offer that is different and we believe is better than anyone else is a personalized approach to your business like no other. We are problem solvers. We can take what your goals and objectives are and cater a customized solution that fits just you.

No two companies are alike and we don’t believe your company is any different. There is so much software and technology available that is user friendly and inexpensive that we can figure out a solution that allows YOUR business to be the driver of success that we can solve for…together.

Where is your call center operation based?

Novasors has locations in the following areas:

Lenexa, Kansas
Kansas City, Missouri
San Jose, California

Cebu, Philippines (offshore)
San Jose, Costa Rica (near shore)

We feature over 550 qualified Customer Service Specialists that handle over 3.5 million phone call minutes each month.

What industries and business models do you specialize in?

Too many to list here! Check out our services page for our areas of expertise list and more information about each industry and business model. From inbound to outbound calls and everything in-between, Novasors will work hard to grow your business and provide quality customer service for less.

Why should I choose Novasors?

We are a performance-driven company that offers domestic contact center services at affordable pricing. You will never be left in the dark as we provide in-depth analysis and detailed reporting for all of our services. This makes it easy to manage campaigns or customer service approach while offering the flexibility to make changes. We are here to help you:

Reduce call center overhead
Grow your business while utilizing industry call center best practices
Improve your bottom line
Provide detailed metrics and consulting services
Get back to the business of doing business

I’m interested in working for Novasors, are you hiring?

We are always looking for talented Customer Service Specialists. We understand our success relies upon our employees and strive to offer the best workplace environment and training available. You can apply for a career with Novasors here.

How do I get started?

We are excited to talk to you about the ways in which we can assist your call center operations! Call us at (855) 234-6222, send us a fax at (800) 505-7047 or send us an e-mail.

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